‘Milwaukee 53206’ Shows the Family Toll of Mass Incarceration

Wisconsin’s mass incarceration problem is nothing new, especially in Milwaukee’s 53206 zip code. A widely-referenced 2007 UW-Milwaukee study found that 62% of men ages 30-34 from that zip code had been incarcerated at some point. In 2014, Think Progress wrote about “how one Milwaukee zip code explains America’s mass incarceration problem.” After learning this, Transform Films, a New York-based documentary film company, and director Keith McQuirter felt compelled to tell the human stories of those affected. The result was Milwaukee 53206 a 50-minute documentary that follows three individuals and their families dealing with the prison system in different ways. We spoke with Milwaukee 53206 executive producer CarolAnne Dolan about what led them to Milwaukee and the impact campaign they are running to make a change.