Odyssey Impact® Presents Live Town Hall Event “Movement Chaplaincy: Meeting Spiritual Needs In Our Struggles for Justice”

Odyssey Impact® is a leading interfaith 501(c)(3) that harnesses the goodwill of faith-based and secular organizations to build audience awareness, change social attitudes, and catalyze action for social change. Odyssey Impact® will co-present a live town hall event, “Movement Chaplaincy: Meeting Spiritual Needs in Our Struggles for Justice” on Wednesday, July 29th, with Faith Matters Network, and Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, to highlight spiritual needs in our struggles for justice.

In this moment of social uprising and the compounding crises related to the global pandemic, many clergy and lay leaders are experiencing a pull to use pastoral skills in service to the wave of social change and constantly shifting needs. Movement Chaplaincy, the work of spiritual accompaniment to justice movements and their leaders, is an emerging vocation that brings care, healing, and resilience-building to our struggles for justice. Join us for a conversation on how spiritual leaders can show up in this movement moment in supportive, healing, justice-centered ways of accompaniment such as the emerging vocation of movement chaplaincy and beyond.