What Odyssey Impact® Offers

As award-winning documentary producers, Odyssey Impact® is knowledgeable about the production process and has the infrastructure and expertise to provide support to filmmakers.

In particular, Odyssey Impact® Fiscal Sponsorship offers for-profit production companies an opportunity to receive funding from foundations and donors that are restricted to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations.

The funds will be made available to you as the Sponsored Organization for the production of the project. While we do not offer bookkeeping, legal or production services for Sponsored Organizations, we can serve as general advisors in these areas.

in accordance with standard accounting practices, we will maintain financial records for donations received and prepare all requisite New York State and federal governmental reports and informational returns required in connection with the project, including those required by the Internal Revenue Service and any state or local regulatory authority.

Odyssey Impact® is not involved in your creative decisions on the project and will not take any ownership or copyright in it—any profits from its exploitation are yours.

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