Odyssey Impact® Head Talks Using Docs Like ‘The Sentence’ for Social Change

As movies shape the lives of those who watch them, Odyssey Impact®, headed by CEO Nick Stuart, is tackling hot-button issues with the hope of social change. The organization is currently releasing the documentary “The Sentence,” which won the Audience Award for U.S. Documentary at the 2018 Sundance Film, through HBO and On Demand.

How did Impact Odyssey get behind “The Sentence” and how does it fit your mission?

Odyssey Impact® is a multi-faith, not for profit, which basically believes that people of faith have so much to offer society. And we’re all from a media background making documentaries and programs. We realized a few years ago that the power of storytelling through character-led documentaries is a great tool to engage people with issues, important issues for our society, justice issues, compassion issues. We also realize that it is a bit more than just watching the film. We built a department, the Impact Campaign department. The film becomes a catalyst for change, the change in understanding, the change in action. We build screenings and opportunities to come together at the local level in groups just to do something. We’ve done several, especially about social justice. Then we saw “The Sentence.”

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