Descended from the Promised Land:The Legacy of Black Wall Street

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If the Tulsa Race Massacre had never happened, would Black Wall Street have influenced the entire nation?


In 1921, North Tulsa’s Greenwood District, the most prosperous Black community in America, was set ablaze, bombed, and looted during a racially motivated violent attack against the thriving Black community. Businesses, homes, and lives were lost, and Black Wall Street, as it was known, has never reclaimed its former glory. The Tulsa Race Massacre was only the first in a line of repeated targeted attacks on the progress of the Greenwood District and its residents.


Through the lens of Black Wall Street descendants Byron Crenshaw, Jacqueline Blocker and Michelle Blocker, we draw a century-long thread from the Tulsa Race Massacre to the present, exploring the lingering economic, psychological and emotional impacts that have undermined the rebuilding of the once thriving community.


Through intimate interviews and lyrical verite, Byron, Jacqueline, Michelle and their family members reach back to uplift the stories of their forebears, the success they created, the pride they possess, while also reckoning with the unfulfilled potential of what could have been a Black Promised Land.

  • A recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic found that 1 in 5 Americans seldom or never interact with someone who 106 does not share their race or ethnicity (21%) or religion (22%).
  • Approximately 1 in 4 Americans seldom or never interact with someone who does not share their political party (23%), and 1 in 3 Americans say they seldom or never interact with someone who does not share their sexual orientation (31%).
  • Similarly, a vast majority of Americans believe the country is somewhat or very divided by a variety of factors, including race and ethnicity (83%), politics (91%) and religion (77%).

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