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We are excited to share our new Odyssey Impact® partner newsletter. Our faith-based and secular partners are vital to our work. We look forward to providing updates and highlights on the great work many of you are doing in your communities to address issues at the heart of our society including: mass incarceration, poverty, gun violence, racial justice, intolerance, hate crimes, and gender violence. Our partners use the power of story to inspire people of all faiths and good will to engage with their communities on these critical issues through our social impact campaigns and award-winning documentaries. We will be sharing information on the work we are doing alongside our local, regional and national partners. If you’d like information on how you can become a partner please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

With a 30-year history of building coalitions around more than 1,000 films and videos, Odyssey Impact® reaches and empowers coalitions of change makers to build strong communities anchored by compassion, justice and hope.


Odyssey Impact® believes in the power of stories to inspire social justice. We use multimedia content to amplify and lift up these stories and to raise audience awareness, shifting attitudes and inspiring action.


The social impact campaign for The Rape of Recy Taylor has been powered predominantly by our strategic partnerships and is a part of the national conversation on equality, racial justice, and feminism, while acknowledging the disproportionate discrimination faced by Black women survivors.

  • Do you know a sexual assault survivor in need of help? The NYCAASA provides free resources including, advocacy, referrals, confidential counseling, and legal services, to survivors of sexual assault and rape.


  • The NYCAASA has become a valued campaign partner, committing counselors to provide services at any NYC-based screening of The Rape of Recy Taylor as well as taking referrals from screening hosts and audience members who may know a survivor of sexual assualt requiring services.

  • Are you a faith leader seeking to make a difference? Connect NYC partners with over 50 faith communities to provide customized training, support for education and awareness events, resource development, technical assistance for the creation of family violence ministries, consultation for safe practices and policies, and referrals for faith-based counseling.


  • As a respected partner, Connect NYC has committed to assisting screening hosts and audience members with starting a domestic violence ministry in their houses of worship.

  • Do you want to become an active bystander and learn to prevent violence? CAE works to disrupt hate violence by developing and implementing empowerment self-defense programs so that the most marginalized New Yorkers build tools to stay safer. And, by teaching active bystander interventions so that more New Yorkers move from being bystanders to violence, to Upstanders against it.


  • CAE has committed to providing nonprofit and educational screening hosts the opportunity to hold their own workshops for free. These workshops will define the wide ranging impacts of sexual violence in the NYC community. Opening with a grounding to honor survivors, participants in this interactive workshop will learn to apply active bystander intervention strategies to disrupt real life scenarios of sexual violence. Participants will also discuss consent and how to create a culture where everyone respects people’s boundaries, and offer concrete tools to intervene and prevent sexual violence – from the subway, to the sidewalk.

If you are interested in becoming a campaign partner please contact Jenise Ogle, Impact and Data Strategist at [email protected]  or Anne Faustin Davis, Director of Faith Based Coalitions at [email protected]


The Wall Street Alphas, a New York chapter of The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first African-American, intercollegiate Greek-lettered fraternity, chapter in New York, conducted a campaign screening. The goal was to raise awareness of Recy Taylor’s story and build male allies. Notable faith leader, Rev. Derrick Harkins, former Vice President at Union Theological Seminary and Odyssey Impact® Board Chair moderated the post-screening discussion. The tone of the panel discussion was positive and uplifting. The panelists discussed healing, the strength of family and community during a movement, breaking the silence, accountability, and stressed the importance of being allies to those who have experienced sexual assault.

The full panel included:


  • Nancy Buirski, Director of The Rape of Recy Taylor;
  • Athena Moore, Director of the Northern Manhattan Office for Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer;
  • Rosemonde Pierre- Louis, Chief Operating Officer at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at New York University;
  • Frederick Harris, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center on African-American Politics and Society at Columbia University;
  • Bryson Rose, Director of the Center for LGBTQ Youth Advocacy and Capacity Building at the Hetrick-Martin Institute; and
  • Quentin Walcott, leading international anti-violence activist and educator.

The NAACP, College and Youth Division, partnered with Odyssey Impact® on the Impact Campaign for The Rape of Recy Taylor, holding screening events across the country. The Cincinnati Chapter held a screening event at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and held a panel discussion featuring the following local leaders, influencers and faith leaders:


  • Karen McConnal Jackson, Chair of the Women in the NAACP Committee (Cincinnati Branch)
  • Pastor Lesley Jones
  • Lieutenant Tiffany Green, Cincinnati Police Department, Criminal Investigation Section, Personal Crimes Unit Detective
  • Florence Malone-Crump, author, poet and minister
  • Khrys Styles , Television Personality, Author & Visionary of The K.A.S.S.I.E Project
  • Iris Roley, Community Advocate and Voice of the People
  • Wende C. Cross,  Magistrate of Hamilton County Juvenile Court
  • Nadia Fischer, Community Activist

The Riverside Church, Odyssey Impact® and The New York Women’s Foundation in New York, in partnership with Nancy Buirski, presented a special presentation of The Rape of Recy Taylor.


Also in attendance were representatives from The New York Women’s Foundation, Union Seminary, The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, and individuals representing faith and secular organizations.


The film screening was followed by a panel discussion featuring:


  • Nancy Buirski, Director of the film
  • Dr. Atira Charles, CEO of The Charles Consulting Group, LLC and Assistant Professor of Management at Florida A&M University
  • Reverend Alisha Gordon, Executive Minister of Programs at The Riverside Church
  • Minister Candace Simpson, Associate Minister, Concord Baptist Church. The panel was moderated by Jamilah Lemieux, a renowned cultural critic and writer with a focus on issues of race, gender and sexuality.

The campaign for The Rape of Recy Taylor is designed to engage, educate and activate the public around issues related to sexual violence against women and underscore the historical trauma faced by Black women during the Jim Crow South and still today. With Black History Month in February, Women’s History Month in March, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, now is an ideal time to host a screening and uplift Recy Taylor’s story.


If you are interested in hosting a screening in your community please contact [email protected]



For more information please contact [email protected]



  • HEALING THE HEALERS: Healing the Healers is a new media resource intended to support clergy, laity, social workers, first responders and other spiritual care providers facing community-level trauma. The five-part film series is accompanied by a discussion guide including written reflections by scholars, clergy and other experts.In the series, Rev. Matthew Crebbin of Newtown Congregational Church, leads an important conversation with faith leaders who’ve experienced mass trauma, either suddenly, as at Newtown or during 9/11, or through ministering to a community facing chronic violence, such as Hartford, CT or St. Louis, MO.


For more information please contact [email protected]