Social Impact Campaigns

A Social Impact Campaign is a strategic engagement program providing the resources for faith and secular communities to address the most critical social issues in our society. The guiding principle of each campaign is to use film to raise audience awareness, shifting attitudes, and inspiring action among people of faith and goodwill.


The result? A society connected, engaged, and united.


Unique in the emerging impact media landscape, Odyssey Impact®’s social impact campaigns use documentaries as tools to educate, build awareness, and prompt action among both secular and faith-based change makers. By tapping into the attention and resources of locally-based organizations, places of worship, campuses, and advocates, Odyssey Impact® creates opportunities for constructive dialogue, learning, interfaith collaboration, and civic engagement on issues that often divide–rather than unite–us. Working closely with secular and faith-based organizers and leaders, and customizing our approaches to the needs and priorities of each particular film, we deploy a tried-and-tested formula for using film as a vehicle for community engagement and social action.


Our campaigns are multi-phased endeavors that pair deep strategy work with diligent execution. Every full-service campaign includes a six-week Landscape Analysis Phase and a six-month (or more) Active Impact Campaign Phase.

Working With Odyssey Impact®


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